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Gavin’s Thursday

Hello Everybody!!
Morning: It’s been yet another busy day in the classroom, but so far so good! We spent the morning munching on cheerios for breakfast and talking about what we did last night. Once everybody finished breakfast I put the plastic people and the "mini motors" out for sorting and describing. For a good half hour the whole class was circled around the table just talking about the different occupations of the people and what they’re wearing or doing. We had to distract from the fireman because for some reason he’s the most popular. We also worked on our pre math skills by sorting the mini motors by what they were and the different colors.
Large Motor/Outdoor Play:We went outside after deciding that it wasn’t raining and we could handle the wet playground. We explored the puddles by jumping in them and over them and throwing pebbles, leafs, and twigs into them too. The kids took turns opening and closing Laurens umbrella and had fun just carrying it around. We took out the bikes and encouraged the kids to go around their friends and use their pedals. The kids had a blast chasing the soccer balls around the playground. We worked on using our feet to kick instead of our hands, but naturally there was practice throwing and bouncing the balls too. Everybody was pretty fascinated by this helicopter that was hovering close by, then started circling in the sky. We all watched it and took guesses on what it was doing until it was time to go inside. If anybody has any idea on why there was a Helicopter circling around 520/148th, we’d love to know!
Circle Time: Upon coming back into the classroom we listened to the calming sounds of a rain storm. It kept all 12 kids surprisingly quiet… It was really nice! We all came together singing the Grab a Seat song, then we sang "Who is Here Today?" and everybody was pretty stoked to hear their name and have everybody clap for them. Then we sang our usual songs to discuss the day and the weather. After that we looked at some pretty awesome pictures of lightening and read "Flash, Crash, Rumble, and Roll!!" The kids were thrilled to pretend to be thunder, and were totally fascinated by how a storm comes to be. Especially the rainbow at the end part.
Art/Sensory Exploration: After nap we took all our quiet activities to the floor! We moved the tables out of the way and taped butcher paper to the ground and gave the kids crayons and markers to color while laying on their tummies. We also took out some of the floor puzzles and let the kids pick a pillow to lay on while reading books. Why? Because studies show that children that spend more time on their bellies have increased brain activity and an easier time potty training and learning in the future. So we’re going to test this theory out and spend more time creeping and crawling across the floor to see what happens.
Also, we’ve posted the monthly newsletter for March out on bulletin board. Let us know if you would like us to print copies for you! 
Hope everybody is having a fantastic day! We will see you all later =]
Much Love,
❤ Debbie & Lauren

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