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Gavin’s Wednesday….

It’s been another busy day in the classroom! This morning the kids were very concerned about the rain and clouds moving outside. We spent lots of time watching the weather and talking about what we saw. We also took out the legos, the animals, puzzles, and cooked in the kitchen area. For some reason cooking soup was very popular this morning! Some of the kids requested that we read the books off the shelf too. 
After finishing morning snack we ventured outside to watch the clouds, jump in and over the puddles, and explore the rain drops and puddles on the playground. We also took out Laurens umbrella and had the kids practice opening and closing it. They had a blast taking turns and hiding under it together! We got to talk about holding it super tight while the wind was blowing too. We also took out the bikes and worked on using the pedals with those and played kicked the balls around the playground. While we were outside we got to watch the dark clouds roll in, as we talked about them being rain clouds, it started to raining cats and dogs! So we all had to run inside to avoid getting any wetter than we already were =]
Upon coming into the classroom everybody wanted to watch the rain outside, so we watched the stormy weather. Then we listened to thunder and lightening again. Everybody always said "More!! Again!!" after the big thunder crash. Such brave kids =].  We sang our usual songs to bring everybody together, then sang "Days of the Week" and "Whats the weather." We counted the two days of March and decided it was Wednesday, then everybody started hollering about the crazy weather we had this morning. We saw rain, sun, and lots of different clouds… We must be in Seattle or something! We also read "Wet or Dry" and talked about the two opposites and "The Yellow Umbrella."
After nap the kids had the opportunity to help us paint a big umbrella! We had spoken briefly about the rainbow after a storm, so we decided to use all the colors of the rainbow to paint our umbrella.
I’m sure all of you saw the message about the lice in the toddler and preschool unit this morning, so I’d like to mention that everybody (teachers included!) was checked for head lice, just in case today. I’m happy to say that we’re all clear =]  Thank goodness!! I bagged everything in the room and ran it through the laundry yesterday though. Better safe than sorry, right? 
We will see you all this afternoon! Have a fabulous day!
❤ Debbie & Lauren

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