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Gavin’s Wednesday

Hey Everybody!! 
What a busy day! The classroom looked like a crime scene by 8:50 this morning thanks to all the kids running around with strawberry sauce on their hands and faces. A few of the kids spent lots of time working on wiping their faces clean! Once cleaned up the kids went for puzzles, baby dolls, cooking in the kitchen area, cars and trucks, the dress up hats and the legos. Then we cleaned everything up for snack only to have 11 two year olds running around covered in blueberry juice. They went from looking like little vampires to looking like hypothermic goth kids all within an hour. Too funny! At least, we got a kick out of it. Naturally, we spent more time cleaning ourselves up again after the blueberry mess =] 
We ran out of time to go outside and run around this morning so we cranked some techno beats and worked on jumping up and down, break dancing, fist pumping, stomping and clapping to the beat. We’ll definitely venture outside this afternoon to practice jumping over the puddles and explore all the rain drops.
We listened to Raffis version of "The More We Get Together" while everybody sat for circle time. Then we sang days of the week and talked about it being a new month today! The kids helped us decide that today was Tuesday the 1st of March, then started singing "What’s the Weather" and told us it was cold and rainy. After that we read "Splish Splash" and "Who likes Rain?" The kids were surprisingly fascinated by all the facts we read! They loved listening to sound clips of thunder and rain, then making their own thunder storm by taking turns with the rain stick and the symbols!
Upon waking from nap the kiddos had the opportunity to paint a rain drop with glitter and blue paint. We spritzed their paintings with water when finished to create a cool effect and encouraged the kids to use their pincher grips to hold their brushes. We also had the kids try to cover as much of their rain drop as possible to work on concentration and attention span.
Hope everybody is staying warm and dry! We will see you all later!
❤ Debbie & Lauren

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