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Gavin’s Monday… not a leap year

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hope everybody is having a good Monday! It started out pretty slow in the classroom with lots of talk about what we did over the weekend. The puzzles and manipulatives were popular activities this morning. Then the thought of the babies and new baby blankets occurred and everybody dropped their activities to go play with the babies in the kitchen area.
During outside time we talked about the weather and looked up in the sky at the clouds. The kids had a blast climbing all over the railing then jumping off at the end, running around the playground, making music on the xylophone and singing "All the Raindrops." We also explored what happened when we touched the rain drops that were still clinging to the playground. The kids loved exploring the puddles by putting things in them and trying to jump over them too. We were quite the little scientists today!
We all came together while singing the "Grab a Seat" song. Then we sang "Days of the Week" and decided that it’s Monday again. We counted the 28 days of February, then talked about tomorrow being the start of March. After that we sang the weather song and concluded that today is cloudy and wet.  Then we talked about our theme of the week (Weather!) and read "Clouds" and "What Do You See in a Cloud?"
After nap the kids had the opportunity to create their own puffy cloud by using Elmer’s glue to attach cotton balls, feathers, and coffee filter pieces to a cloud cut out. I apologize in advance for your glue covered children, but I have to point out that if your child goes home covered in an art project, it means they had fun! =D
Much Love,
Debbie & Lauren

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