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Gavin’s Friday

February 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Morning: We spent the morning talking about our snow stories and what the snow was like at our houses. We looked out the window and talked about the weather today and read some books off the shelf too. We colored with markers on butcher paper and let the kids pick their choice of toys off the shelf. This morning the puzzles, baby dolls, blocks, legos, squishy frogs and plastic people were quite popular. l
Outside/Science Rocks!: I barely even got the door open before a mob of excited two year olds pushed past me. So much for teachers first… Everybody was thrilled to find a fresh layer of snow on the ground this morning. We kicked it, picked it up, threw it, stomped in it, slipped in it, ran through it, and those that were brave enough did snow angles again. We also practiced packing snowballs and throwing them either at the wall or the ground to watch them go splat. Fabulous action/reaction science project. Little did I know that by teaching the kids how to pack and throw a snowball I’d be creating little monsters. For some reason throwing snow balls at your teachers and seeing what happens was a popular game. Some of the kids noticed a snow man on the preschool playground and tried having a conversation with him =]  We took out the bouncy hops and bouncy balls too, but most of the kids were too excited about the snow and ice. 
Circle Time: We sang the "Grab a Seat" song to bring everybody together then signed "The More We Get Together" once everybody found a spot to sit. We sang the usual songs to discuss the weather and day of the month and talked about February almost being over. Then we sang "10 in the Bed." After that we read "Sleepy Little Yoga" and went through all of the sleepy yoga poses. The kids loved it! After that we read "How Do You Sleep?" "Good Night Kiss" "So Sleepy Story" and "Nighty Night!" The kids still wanted more stories after that, but lunch was arriving so we went to wash our hand after promising to read more stories later. 
Art Smart: After nap we kept our bodies calm by making a mess of ourselves with finger paint! Those that didn’t want to make a mess were offered paint scrapers to move the paint across the poster board. We worked on using our fingers to write in the paint and talked about the oozy feeling between our fingers. The kids loved it! They had a blast getting to take their shirts off to avoid getting their clothes messy too.  Painting paper < Painting tummies.  =]
Hope everybody is having a productive Friday and has gotten the chance to enjoy the sunshine! We will see everybody this afternoon.
❤ Lauren & Debbie

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