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Gavin’s Thursday

February 24, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It was a pretty quiet start to the day. We ended up combining with Twos 3 because the numbers in the rooms were so low. The day started with much conversation about the snow and talk of what we saw this morning and the night before. Popular activities included the big plastic animals, the train tracks, the legos, blocks, and cooking in the kitchen area.
After mentioning going outside and playing in the snow everybody shoveled their snack down then was ready at the door in no time. The kids could hardly contain their excitement as they rushed out the door to go stomp and slide in the snow.Those that were brave enough did snow angels. We tried sliding in the snow and naturally we built a snow man. The kids had a blast packing snow balls then smashing them on the ground too. We encouraged running around and climbing and bouncing the balls and using the bouncy hops. We went inside as soon as the kids started complaining about being cold and having wet mittens though.
We sang our usual songs to discuss the day of the week and the weather. We counted the days of February and of course everybody told us it was Snowy outside. Then we read "Hush Little Ones" and "Can’t sleep without sheep."
After nap the kids had the opportunity to touch and feel some feathers. After deciding that they tickled, we painted with them!
Hope everybody is getting around safely and/or enjoying their snow day in!! We will probably see you all tomorrow =]
Much Love,
Lauren & Debbie

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