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Gavin’s Wednesday

February 23, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hello Everybody!!
It seems like everybody is very excited about the snow. Or the exact opposite. Either way, I keep catching kids (and teachers) glancing out the window to check. Snow Day? Maybe? Rumor has it the center may be closing early if conditions get as bad as the weather man says they will. Just a heads up!  Here is the trouble we got into today:
The morning was buzzing with talk about snow!!  Kids found their place in the classroom by finding friends to play with and activities to do.  Debbie bought new baby blankets for the class so wrapping up babies was a big hit this morning.  No more taking turns with our 2 baby blankets (aka bandanas!)  We feel so official!!  Some of us got out some early energy and played tickle and "Catch ME!" and riding on the teachers back!  It was fun!

Outside we were all really happy and excited to see that their was still snow on the playground!!  We made snow balls, a little mini snowman, and Shini started to make snow angels and everyone followed!   We got a bit wet (Hence all the wet pants we have hanging off all the cubbies) but it was a blast!!  We had to cut outside time short today too because everybody was loving picking up the ice/slush and that got all their hands and mittens wet. We had a blast sliding in the slush too!

We sang the Grab a seat song then signed "The More We Get Together" as everybody found a spot to sit. After that we counted the 23 days of February and decided that today was Wednesday. When I mentioned singing the weather song everybody shouted "SNOW!" Apparently we’re excited about the snow. We continued on with our sleeping theme and read "Time to Sleep", "Good Night, Tiptoe" (which seems to be a new favorite) and read/sang "Bedtime in the Jungle".  Most of the kids were pretty captivated, so we made it through 3 books today. Woot!

After nap the kids had the opportunity to do a rag roll, or paint/print with a piece of wash cloth to make nifty patterns and textures on their papers. For some reason every time we do a painting project the kids end up painting their hands and bodies more than their papers… Must be a two year old thing =] Hooray for messes!

All in all, we are having a great day!!  If it does come to bad weather, everyone be extra careful getting out and about! 

Much Love,

Debbie & Lauren

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