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Gavin’s Tuesday

February 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hello Everybody!!
Hope you all got to enjoy your 3 day weekend as much as possible. The kids have had a busy day back from what sounds like an eventful weekend! Here’s what we did today:
The kids all had their stories to tell from the weekend as they were dropped off. We took out the pegs and peg boards to build towers with, as well as the legos and blocks. This morning the big plastic animals and the big wooden planes trucks and cars were popular too. We got the news that Lauren will be in the kitchen working with Shelley all week though. So we will have Rahma in the classroom for the time being, which is good since Rahma has known most of these guys since they were babies!
We had music class today, so our outside time was short, but well used. We went out on the playground and ran and jumped and played chase until everybody was panting. Then we scurried down the hallway to make it to music class in time. In music class the kids loved singing about animals hiding in the jungle, ribbon dancing, 
We sang the grab a seat song while everybody was finding their space, then we sang the usual songs to discuss the weather and the date. We counted the 22 days of February and decided it was snowy, cold, and cloudy today. I had the kids guess what the theme was this week by stretching, yawning, and laying down. They looked at me like I was crazy, then guessed "Sleeping!" and told me to wake up. They were right! We talked about why our bodies need rest and what yawning means and what lullabies are for. Then we read "Getting Enough Sleep," "Shhhhh! Everybody’s Sleeping!" and "Sleepy Oh So Sleepy." The kids were quiet and captivated through all three books!
After nap the kids had the opportunity to work on their pincher grip by coloring on the white boards. They loved coloring their pictures then using the paper towels or their fingers to erase the lines. Fabulous fine motor skills!  I let the kids look through the new library books too. They were fascinated by all the pictures!
Have a fantastic rest of your day, and we will see you later!

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