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Gavin’s Thursday

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Happy Thursday Everybody!!
It’s been yet another busy day so far. Everybody showed up to school pretty early this morning so the activities picked up quick. Some of the kids went right for the usual books and babies routine, others waited their turn to use the cash register and practice some pre math skills. We also took out the people and talked about what kind of people they might be or what kind of job they’re working based on what they were wearing. The kids are great at figuring this stuff out!
The kids watched the clouds roll by and looked for the sun. We had a new teacher Ms. Tatyana join us for outside time, so they had fun figuring her out too. The kids loved climbing on the playground and pretending to ride a horse on the bench. We’ve been working on climbing up the walls by planting our hands on the ground and walking our feet up the wall behind us too. The kids love being upside down!!
During circle time we decided it was Thursday February 16th, and that it was cold, cloudy, and a little sunny. Then we read "My Friend Bear" and "Ira Sleeps Over" which all the kids identified with because both of the main characters in the story had teddy bears too!
After nap we stuck with the teddy bears theme and had the kids use sea sponge to paint a teddy bear brown. We also set out the teddy bear lacing cards, the sorting bears and the "Goldilocks and the 3 Bears" felt board story.

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