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Immy’s First day at School!

February 3, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

So Immy went to Bright Horizons this week, and is about 2 doors down from her big brother.  The entire daycare knows that Gavin has a little sister_2_doors_down.  He goes looking for her.  For example, he was outside, riding some bikes, or trikes, or motorbikes or something, and he rides his lap past her window.  She sees him, he sees her, its like magic.  She laughs and cheers, he slaps the window and jumps up and down on his little 2ft tall buddy Alee (who announced to me yesterday at pickup ‘ I took a big poop!’).. 

….hey alee ….. get G-Man to drop a deuce with ya next time…….

DSCN7823Today Immy was feeling much better as she manages her impending tooth arrival, but was in amazing spirits.  She apparently laughed and smiled all day, while eating and napping more than we expected.  Her teachers, Christina and Natalia are both great, and keen photographers.  So, it looks like we will get a regular stream of piccies to share with our blog-o-sphere fanbase. 

Today Immy also started Music Class!  Its not just some Raffi wannabe singing to them in a clown outfit, its actually an interactive class they all do.  Apparently she enjoyed it, and was spotted holding a rattle and smiling.  Pics will be coming soon………. 

The pic above is Immy with all her girlfriends having coffee and croissants in their classroom.  It has lots of Windows, and on the odd day its sunny the room is beautiful and bright.  They totally gossip and natter on like little school girls, pointing and texting the boys sitting on the other side of the room.  Like Miles for example, is a little fella that seems sweet on Immy.  Wait till you see his bed head.  It is just absolutely hilarious.

This bottom pic is Avery sitting with Immy.  The holding hands thing was totally spontaneous.  Apparently Avery was telling her story of her on again off again thing with her man , and she needed a hand hold to get through the drama……

DSCN7827More to come as this party gets into full swing……..

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