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All the videos

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Our saga with this new blog site and videos continues. 

Why cant WordPress users embed directly from the worlds largest social networking site, Facebook?  There are over 300 Million users on Facebook, WordPress must recognize its importance to the social communities of the internet.  It hosts videos for free and has a fantastic embed option, with native HD support.

I  have been blogging on Windows Live Spaces for several years. In that time, I have used one of the worlds best offline blogging editor tools, Windows Live Writer.  Using Spaces, and WLW, I could insert a video using the embed code right from Facebook.  This posted easily, with no additional steps.  Before we were forced to migrate to Word press, my process was this.

  1. Upload, edit, tag and publish video to Facebook
  2. In WLW, insert embed code from video
  3. Publish blog post with video included – often with multiple videos, photos and text

Now, here is my process.

  1. Upload, edit, tag and publish video to Facebook
  2. Goto Vodpod – authenticate, get to vodpod browser based account main page
  3. Select ‘Add Video’
  4. Go back to Facebook, grab FB video embed code
  5. Embed video code, verify correct video is there
  6. Select NEW tags, titles and other comment information.  ALL of this was already done in Facebook, but it is not picked up
  7. Publish this ‘Found’ video to my vodpod account
  8. Select publish to WordPress from the odd bookmark hyperlink step that is documented.
  9. New Window pops up, with WordPress Publisher tool
  10. Select Publish to Blog Editor.
  11. WordPress Blog editor webpage launches/refreshes
  12. Select HTML View tab of blog post
  13. Copy entire embed code
  14. Paste this into WLW using HTML Source tab view – repeat for each video
  15. Clean up code, remove all Vodpod ‘First collect junk’ for EACH video
  16. Publish blog
  17. View blog, and wait, wait, wait, wait, wait for embedded videos to load into through vodpod from Facebook post.  Sometimes this works, MANY times it doesn’t.

This is an accurate explanation of the steps.  Vodpod uses the original Facebook video.  What a waste of time.  I have tried the WordPress widget for Vodpod that can be inserted in the navigation bars of my blog.  It is not a good experience.  Not only is it hard to customize, it doesn’t give a good experience of the videos, launches a pop window that blows up on some devices.

I have hunted for WLW plug in support to help embed for WordPress.  It all comes back to WordPress simply not supporting Facebook.  I want to know why I cannot embed directly to WordPress from my Facebook account? 

Don’t tell me to use Vodpod please.  This week I have done 2 blogs, with 7 videos, and this process takes hours. 

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