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Whistler Weekend

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The Wettlaufers headed north of the border again this past weekend.  This time, it was a 2 stop adventure.  Gavin and Imogen had a fun filled weekend at Osler Street with G.P. and El, and J/D headed onto Whistler for a corporate weekend with Jeff’s team.  67%20(2)

The skiing was wet but great.   It was odd being away from the kids for the first time pretty much ever.  They behaved beautifully – or so we are told haha.  Some pictures even made their way via email to prove all was going well.  Thanks!

Gav got some time with Ax, and they punished the local playground…..


Even at the end of the weekend, the boys were all smiles.



We got a first ride on the Peak to Peak gondola at WB.  The things is awesome.  We travelled from Blackcomb over to Whistler in 11 minutes.  This used to mean a ski or download to the village, and back up the other side.  This thing is amazing.  As we left Blackcomb, we dropped down into the cloud in the valley, so the pictures make it look like we are descending into a cloud.  Some stats below on the P2P. 


  • Speed – 7.5 meters per second
  • Ride Time – approximately 11 min.
  • Frequency – one cabin departs every 49 seconds
  • Total Distance – 4.4km (straight line)
  • Length of Unsupported Span – 3.024km (straight line between the two towers that are furthest apart)
  • Highest Point – above the ground is 435m/1,427 feet over Fitzsimmons Creek
  • Number of Cabins – 28
  • Capacity of Cabins – 22 seated, 6 standing
  • Capacity – 2050 people per hour each way
  • Number of Towers – 4 (2 on Blackcomb and 2 on Whistler)
  • Height of Towers – 35-65 meters
  • Track Ropes – the two stationary ropes that the cabin rides upon-each rope is 56mm in diameter. Total length of the track rope with the sag is 4600m
  • Haul Rope – the single rope that pulls the cars along the track ropes is 46mm in diameter. Total length of the haul rope loop with the sag is 8850m

We also got some nice walks and meals in, these are pictures of the stream between the Fairmont and the main Village.


And I thought I would sneak in a picture I managed to get with Immy.


Home, and time for dinner, Gav dines with the ladies…..


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