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P1020386I know I know. Its been a while.  Blogging catch-up is a new years resolution.  With little Immy into her 2nd hour of napping, I thought I would try and start the catch-up. 

Kona was amazing.  We went for 2 weeks, 1 with Crannas, and 1 with Rob and El.  Both were awesome weeks, and we stayed at the same house we did last year.  This year with 1 more guest Smile.

Pics.  Still trying to sort out video posting to the new blog site……

P1020144P1020163P1020169P1020174P1020185P1020204gav smallgavsophizP1020283P1020304P1020314P1020349P1020356P1020370P1020389P1020447P1020151 (2)P1020155 (2)P1020279P1020338P1020101P1020267P1020301P1020453

1 Tourist thing we did was take a visit to Greenwell farms, one of Kona’s largest coffee growers.  Here Gavin holds a fresh coffee bean from the tree.  To the right, Gavin is pictured in front of a rack of beans drying in the sun and the 3rd is Gavin standing on the weigh scale where the farmers drop their harvest.


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