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The Wettlaufers headed up to Vancouver for the Olympics, and had a great weekend.  Mom and Dad caught some great hockey, and Gav hung out with GP and Gramma.  Awesome weekend…….On the way Gav seemed to want to play fighter pilot, hence the ski helmet and goggles. 

The weather in Van was unreal.  Perfect sunny weather.  We went for a few walks, then down to the main core to see the cauldron, Robson square and the different venues.

We went up fro 4 days, and spent the entire time being tourists, it was a lot of fun….


This is a pic of the Media Center near the Cruise Ship docks.  It is right next to the cauldron.   

From there we headed to Granville Island to check to check out the action, and thank goodness Daph had something to carry the beer in, or Gav would have had to carry it.  Swiss House, as long as the line was, gave Gav a chance to see some bikes, which are his kryptonite.  

It’s always a highlight to see Gav and his cousin Ax.  These 2 are like little long lost brothers, the excitement they have for each other and the games they get into send everyone into fits of laughter.  There does always seem to be some interest in height comparisons, here are a few references like TV and Gate.


Then is was time to get to the hockey for date ‘day’.  Daph and I had tickets for 2 games.  The Swiss Norway Game, and the Czech Russia game. It was just amazing to go down to an actual Olympic venue and see the organization, security, and people.


We walked out after the Russia game, and strolled across the Cambie bridge.  It was a perfect sunny day – the harbor was lit with sun, and some impressive cruise ships…….

We also took the kids to the Royal Canadian Mint to see the coin collection.  We didnt want to wait in the 6 hour line up to hold an Olympic medal, the 1.5 hour line up to get in was enough!

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