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Time for an Update

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Hey everyone, well, the Fall has ripped past us, and its already November.  Where did October go?  Daphers is deep in busy Fall work communicating business, Jeff is building demos and decks and keynotes for TechEd Berlin, and Gav, well, he’s becoming a rocking little boy that loves a good time no matter where he is. 

We hit the Huttons for Halloween, and had a great time hanging out with them and the Crannas.  G-man was a crazy Frog.  It was so funny, he just worked his costume like it was normal clothing – and the fact that he treated it as normal clothes, made it even funnier.  Then the moms took Izzy Cranna, Maddie and Gaver out to a few houses trick-o-treating, and Gav got his first take at free candy.  He liked it.  He wasnt sure at first, but before you knew it he was grabbing candy out of the bowls.  He ate licorice.  I dont think he liked it.  Video at bottom of this blog.

Anyways, it was hilarious.  Also, great to catch up with everyone, it just seems like everyone has gotten REALLY busy.  We have been taking pics, and vids, but just not getting around to blogging as much.  We will fix that, our readership has complained :).

We have US thanksgiving coming up, and while we already had a bird with the Ontario parents, we are going to def enjoy another one.  We are also planning a great trip to Hawaii with the Crannas, we are splitting a house there, so that should be awesome. 

Anyways, I wanted to get some pics up, they are collecting dust in the camera :).  Oh, and hello to my little nephew Tom (T-Bone) Stewart, he contracted H1N1 this past weekend in Ontario and has been on the mend.  Thinking of you Lara and Steve…………..





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