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Been a while….

So we haven’t blogged in a little while.  Its been a lot longer than we had planned that is for sure.  Apologies to all the readers!

A quick summary to date of what has happened over the last 30 days, and we promise to get more regular again.  We spent the Labor day weekend at 7Trees, which was great, with some mildly poor weather, some rain – but lots of entertainment with the little guys.  Alex and Gav are so much fun to watch. 

1 thing we did do 2x this month, is head to the Seattle zoo.  We actually got a membership , its a great place, Gav loves it and its a really nice outing.  The membership pays for itself after only a few visits, and its close to our house.  It is so fun to see him staring at Giraffes, Penguins, Elephants etc.  It has been blackberry season both in Bothell as well as 7Trees, they have been delicious and fun for gav to pick and eat.

Other than that, not a lot has been newsworthy.  Dad was in San Francisco for almost a week for the Intel Developer Forum, but no other travel has been going on.  We just had Grand Pere and El down for a weekend, a visit, as well as a new home computer were on the agenda.  Also, perfect timing, as they were here when Patty and Kenny arrived from Ontario!  So, we had an evening dinner together and a Sunday morning before the Vancouver residents headed home.  It was great for everyone to catch up.  We went to the Experience Music Project as well, Gav enjoyed banging on the drums……

We are now heading into Halloween, and the big question of what to put Gavin in is flying around the internets.  The latest idea was an octopus, but the lovely loaner from Daph’s colleague proved to be, well, a few tentacles short of fitting perfectly.  He looked like he was going to blow out of it, i dont think he loved it……..

So the hunt continues.  We are looking forward to a Canadian thanksgiving this weekend with the Ontario side, and a pumpkin picking outing with the Huttons.  Jeff is back into Hockey Season as well, so fitness shall return (sort of).

Other than that, here are a few recent pictures, check em out………….Highlights are Zoo, Gav and his ‘book truck’ , the carousel at the Zoo, ………………videos to come.



  1. eleanor
    October 6, 2009 at 11:39 am

    Tres bien et merci! Grand mere

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