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Exit from SW15……

Today we spent our last day in Putney at the Clarkes, before heading out to Edinburgh.  We had an incredible weekend weith everyone, especially Aiofe, Lisa and Barry.  They were the ultimate hosts. 

Sunday we had an episode of the Harry Blackstaffe lunch, and then a wet the head party at Vesta.  The men were at Blades for barely cooked steaks, several lovely bottles of wine, and of course speeches and port.  From there it was down to meet the better halves to celebrate Gav meeting Vesta for the first time. 

The men continued the celebrations far too long, well into Sunday evening – of which all paid dearly Monday.  For the Wettlaufers,

Monday was a day to tour London, see some sites, and generally wander around London. We hit the overland train, got Gav through Waterloo station, across to see Parliament and Big Ben then to chase the birds at Trafalgar square.

  Gaver met his first bobby there, who was cool with sharing a pic , before we wandered back to SW15 so the ladies could have their own night out. Baso and I cooked a home meal, well BArry cooked it, I kept the beers flowing, and we had a great night out as the kids slept.

Today was a short day in London, a nice walk and visit with Rachel before heading to Heathrow to catch a ride to Edinburgh.  For such a short flight, it seemed a LOT longer.  Anyways, we hit Edinburgh in style, got to our place, and are happily watching UK Film4 eating a pizza as G-man sleeps off the jet lag.

Its the Fringe fest here in Edinburgh, and there is a LOT to see and do.  We are really looking forward to spending a few days on tour here.  


And some more videos are coming, the Scottish internets are a little slow…….  I am testing Facebook this week…….

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