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Boxcercise time!

As dad was getting ready for hockey and mom was getting set for her work out, Gav decided it was time for him to lace up the gloves and work_it_out.

Too bad he was laughing too hard to actually lay in the work, but the intent was clearly there.

And the helmet, he wears it EVERYWHERE.  I have snuck in some pics of him on the Kettler, clearly you see he doesn’t enjoy it at all :).  For the ones who don’t know, Kettler is that trike he is on, its this German company that has made the same bike for like 50 years, never changed it.  G-man needs an AM ride every_day before off to school, and likes to cap off the evening with a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood before bedtime, or before dinner is served, or both.  No no, we love it, really, we can’t get enough of pushing him around in circles, really, its fine.  We need the exercise.  As soon as possible I’ll pull off the foot deck which will expose the German engineered pedal system complete with free wheel system, so the little guy can get the miles in himself.

Right back to work, datasheets to write.


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