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Rocking it at the BH……

So dad got the drop off this AM at Bright Horizons, which meant a nice ease into the day and a little more time with the G-Man.  We hung out at home for a bit, had some breakfast, took a few laps around the street on the Kettler, watched the irrigation system (someone was FASCINATED with all the water jets).  Then we piled in the rig, both of us in the driver seat (literally), and headed off to the big city.

We got to Bright Horizons and played a little ‘chase’ and ‘hide-n-seek’ in the parking lot, and inside.  Then we got down to business.  There was a rubber elephant to tackle!  G-man and his little wingman Brodie got down to business on these things – it was chaos.  Even the other little ones who were standing there watching them were shouting as these 2 cowboys rode their bulls like it was the NRA (National Rodeo Association) championships!  All was good till G rolled off the tail and bonked the little brunette, but I think that was planned 🙂

I also got to witness G walking around with his elephant.  Apparently he does this all day.  Just drags the elephant everywhere.  Pics below. 

Luckily, breakfast part 2 was being served, so they all t-d up at the troughsorrytable to chow down.  Note the little pictures at their seats, thats their reserved spot at the table :).  That’s when I made my break for it.  I got a casual bye and a hand wave as little Bagel stuffing Gaver basically said ‘get outta here, I’ve got work to do’…………


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