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Ok, Bing is cool. It’s official

So I am deep in writing a pile of technical content – and I am hunting stuff on the web.  I used to use the G-word, but I am now converted.  Bing.com (or Live.com as you may know it) is pretty cool. 

For example, when you search, it finds the stuff you really need.  In my case, it was some deep Technet Technical Documentation Library writing, not normally the highest hitting in a search result.  On Bing today, the doc link I needed was the top hit.  I can honestly say that’s a first for me. 

Once you see your search results, you can hover above a result, and a fly out right nav pops to show you a level lower in detail about the site.  On your left nav, there is a search breadcrumb, showing your last search results, related searches etc.   Then there is that homepage.  It dropped first with Live.com, but it continues with Bing.  The images are gorgeous.  Anyways, not a normal blog post for us, as there are no G-man pics, but I thought it would be worth sharing how cool it is. 



PS – One of my laminated top 5 cars has a new prototype, link here.  

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