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Cottage Follow up, and Kettler Trike Time! :)

Well I thought I had posted this blog, I had a pile more photos to get up on the site and I forgot to get ‘em up there.  So, better late than ever, here are some more pics of the awesome weekend we had at 7Trees. Grand Pere, El, Jen, Alex and Mark all were present for a perfect weather weekend.  Not a lot accomplished, just lots of G/A time, hanging with the boys.  We caught a weekend where there was a REALLY low tide, and as a result, we got to go for a walk out probably farther on the coast line than any of us have ever been.  Of course G was leading the way, he was just hooked on running in the sand, and wanted to wander right into the Ocean like a fearless little Captain Highliner! 

Note Jen tasting the ‘somewhat incorrectly made’ Moscow Mule, renamed after incorrect ingredients as ‘Abbey’s A55’…..


We just had a nice weekend in Bothell, we didn’t get up to a lot, but, definitely enjoyed the weather.  We caught the Pro Club for some weekend swimming, for some Gav laps. 

Today we had the Hutton clan over for a post boys’ bike ride brunch, and had amazing Hutton Creme Brulee French Toast.  Lovely AM after a brilliant ride by Mr Cranna and Mr Cappy through Carnation.

Then, mom and dad gave in, and got G-man a new trike.  The fella is hooked LARGE on bikes, and as soon as we wandered into the store, he was all over the Kettler.  So, it came home with us, and he is in LOVE with it.  It was great fun to end the weekend with him wizzing around on it.  We even got a little Skype chat in with Grandma Patty and Granddad Ken in Ontario – they had to see the bike……..Just a great finish to the weekend, well, until he pooped in the tub before bed………….No, not he was pooped in the tub, he ‘pooped’ in the tub……. talk about going speechless in seconds……..



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