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Spring with the Gaver, class pictures, and grandparents on the way…..

        The weather around Bothell is ‘trying’ to improve, but so far not a lot of success.  Gav is steadily turning into a little boy, and is starting to imitate things he sees and hears.  Needless to say his curiosity is starting to definitely cause trouble, even when it has the best of intentions. 

We finally got him brushing his teeth, it takes a little song and dance from mom and dad, but it works.  Last night he danced with us while brushing his teeth…. for 15 minutes.

He is almost walking, and is sort of standing by himself, but thats usually an accident.  As soon as he realizes he is standing he throws his arms out and panics, looking for a footing 🙂

This week we ordered his school photos, both an individual and a class photo.  They are both hilarious.  He looks like this little clown giggling at something off camera.  Note Spencer, Gav’s partner in crime, ‘peeking out from behind Mia’ like he was caught doing something he wasn’t supposed to.

Anyways, the blogging hasn’t been as regular as any of us would like, but the pics keep getting recorded. Now, if we could just blog directly from the camera……. there must be an app for that ……

And it wouldn’t be a posting without a video.  Stick around to the end, G-man toot toots like the train.  Its cute.

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