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Alex turns the big ONE!

Belated posting to share the news of this past weekend. We made it up to Vancouver for cousin Alex’s first birthday. Daphne, Gav and Grandma hit one of our favorite places – Granville Island – for fresh from the oven donuts (bran/blueberry muffin for Gav, most of which ended up on the floor!) then a quick stop at the Kids Only Market to play on the cool cars. Jeff flew in from Antwerp later that evening and despite the snow 🙂 he didn’t have to take the bus!

On Saturday we went for brunch at the Motions. It was great to see Chris, Steph and Pierson. Pierson is getting so big and has definitely inherited his parents “smarts”. He’s a wiz on the calculator, knows the definition of sublimation and likes his smoked gouda! We had a great time and Gav enjoyed playing with all his cool toys.

Later on we went over to 6th ave for Alex’s bday soiree where we got to see Uncle David and Aunt Anne! Gav had a few food firsts. He wasn’t super enthusiastic about the cupcakes but was interested in the brie and crackers.

On Sunday the boys had a first bday photo shoot in kits. The parents reluctantly joined in as the boys were lukewarm on the concept. Alex got into the groove but Gav had a wee bit of a meltdown. Let’s just say we’ll have to settle for candids of the two. We managed to get a couple of good “family” shots though!

GP and Grandma were amazing hosts as usual. All in all, a good visit!


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