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Its Madness time, and the predictions are in.  For the first year, the Wettlaufer’s are a 3 pick family, Gav was pretty insistent on sharing his ideas.  While he did stick to the safer side of his seed choices, there were a couple of gambles.  We think he saw Obamas picks while he was at Daycare.  Anyways,  as usual it wouldn’t be interesting without a wager.  

The winner gets a dinner at a restaurant of their choice, and a movie of their choice.  If Gav wins, well, he already gets what he wants, maybe he’ll just get more of it.  Like some extra avocado, or maybe an extra half hour of playtime at night, if he doesn’t melt down and shout his way into the crib. 

Anyways, Dad has UNC and L’ville in the final, and Mom has UNC and Michigan State.  Below is G-mans pick sheet.   Note the avocado marks, wet finger prints, drool, the torn decisions – March is a tough month for the little guy! 


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