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The poor neglected blog

Well it’s been more than 2 weeks since our last post. I’m sure there’s some kind of penance you’re supposed to do for that. So what have we been up to? Let’s do the Gav Top 5 List:

1. We’ve been trying some new foods. Blueberries, pash-ghetti and ham sandwich (er, what??) are the favorites. We’ve discovered that stuff doesn’t need to be bite sized. He’s perfectly happy to hold onto something and gnaw away. Last night – green beans. 🙂

2. We’re working on walking. He moves from stationary object to stationary object and likes to walk around holding fingers. No sign of him standing on his own or taking his first steps though.

3. We’re starting the transition process to the toddler room at daycare. This means shoes with soles, reducing the number of bottles during the day, working towards one nap around daycare AND some short visits to meet his new friends. Gav’s bud Spencer is moving to the same room with him so he’ll have an ally.

4. We’ve made a couple of trips to the park. Jury’s still out on whether it’s fun or not. (See swing picture – zero expression…)

5. We’re “helping” with the baby proofing. There is a lot of interest in what’s going on with the gate install and the cabinet locks. He hasn’t figured out the cabinet locks yet – just keeps yanking away then gives up. So it’s not been a source of tears… yet.

Alright, over and out!



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