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Happy New Year

And one of our many New Year’s resolutions is try to reduce the time between postings. Seems many of our readers will be able to hold us to that. Yes, thanks for your emails….

Much has happened since the last post. We had a great 5 days in Vangroovey – enjoyed Christmas Eve with the Berezowskyj’s/Umran’s (with only one trip to the hospital), Christmas morning German Pancakes (which the boys slept through, in addition to the present opening), drinks at David and Anne’s with all the cousins and little kiddies, followed by a yummy Christmas dinner on Osler St.

The next day we visited with cousin Kelly, Justin, Katy, Zoe and Noah and then that night we joined Steve and Nicole for to watch the Oilers beat the Canucks (boo!). The next day we hit the road back to Bothell and the remnants of snow.

Jen, Mark and Alex came down from Vancouver to join us and the Crannas for New Years dinner at ours. We managed to make it past New Years but a few of us were feeling the (was it 8?) bottles of wine the next day.

Since then we’ve been back at work and getting back into the swing of things. Gav’s been a little under the weather but sleeping like a champion to make up for it. He’s also particularly enjoying some of his Christmas pressies – his car (thanks Lara), his musical table (thanks Santa) and his wooden blocks (thanks Grandma and GP).

We hope all of our family and friends had a enjoyable and restful holiday. And we hope to see many, if not all, of you in the new year!

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