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Mmmmm Sand…yummy

December 6, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Videos coming, when MSN Soapbox decides to actually work.

So, we hung out at the pool yesterday with a late checkout, and got Gav some water time. After lunch we blasted out of the Fairmont and found our condo, its about 5 minutes from the hotel. While the building was probably constructed in the 50’s, our unit was gutted and renovated less than 1 year ago.  So, the entire thing is brand new, and really swish.  Brand new kitchen appliances, bathrooms, lighting, granite and slate everywhere, rain disk showers, and of course half a dozen ceiling fans.  Daph has most definitely pulled off a great find.  To top it off, we are on the beach.

On the beach means near sand.  Something G has never tasted, until today.  He felt it necessary to top off his breakfast with a ‘hand sandwich’ (get it?  sand… oh never mind).  While it looked appealing to him because of the ease it could attach to him, it lost its essence with a poor grainy finish. 

We had a nice dinner in last night – so nice to cook your own meals, and watched a Jeff choice movie.  We think Gav is getting another tooth, the Beach water level is rising with how much drool he is pouring out, and he has been pretty moody.  Its like a tooth hangover.  Anyways, he keeps smiling even while he whinges, so we know its not personal.

We get up and out the door this AM pretty early for a beach walk with our coffee, and got G a little more than toe deep in the ocean.  He is now resting comfortably in the bedroom while breakfast, coffee and more blogging are pursued.  We plan to spend more beach time later and test if G can sleep on a towel under an umbrella.  Fingers crossed………….














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