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After an early departure we landed in Maui yesterday and made it to the Fairmont.  We are here for 1 day then off to our condo nearby.  Gav was a pleasure on the flight, it helped he scored his own seat, but he actually smiled the entire time. 

We hit the hotel and after Gav chilled with his Kukui nut lei (see pic) , he was the first to get the timezone slap.  He started to mushroom around 6pm (Maui is 2 hours behind Seattle) so we had a quick cocktail in the Ko Bar (Sakatini and Lime Drop) before mom and dad had some room service.  Today, G-man was again the first to ‘experience’ the time zone, which meant a 4AM stirring, and by 5 he was doing laps around his pack and play.  We had an early breakfast and a walk by the beach, and he is now sleeping again.  No worries there, time for the newspaper and some coffee, and of course blogging !

This morning Gav also had his first taste of the ocean.  He was tired but we dipped his toes in after breakfast, mom and dad couldn’t wait.  The first 2 waves were a little confusing, but the 3rd, the one dad decided to stop recording, was when he figured out a) waves are cool (that’s salt water El!) and b) he wanted to kick and laugh and flap his arms Jenny style .  Of course this moment was lost to poor cameramanship, but some vid and pics were captured.  Definitely more to come this week………….













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