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Gavin heads to school…

September 9, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, August is over, and mom and dad are back to work.  The holiday has also ended for Gaver, as he has started attending Daycare at Bright Horizons.  A bit tricky at first – mainly mom and dad adjusting, but the G-Man is happily (well most of the time) trouping off to day care.  He is eating more after his illness, he is sort of sleeping in the day, but when he gets home its like he hasn’t slept for days.  He crashes so hard , its kinda entertaining how tired he is.  Well, it s__ks for mom and dad who basically put him to bed at dinner.

Anyways, we are getting the occasional picture from Olive over at Bright Horizons of Gavers various field trips.  Definitely some highlights in the days to see these hit the inbox!


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