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Home again, Gav Walks, and take back the garden…………..

The Wettlaufer front line is now back on home ice.  We returned from Houston, Vancouver, 7trees and Whidbey Island this week, and Jeff managed to sneak in a few days at the office while Big-G held down the fort, and put in some serious hours of tummy time, sleeping, eating, sleeping and tummy time.  Mom supervised with a loving but somewhat sleep deprived eye.

The old fort was a tad neglected during the road trip, so mom and dad yesterday spent several hours hacking through the Serengetti of a yard, recovering the grass with a nice tender cut, some chemicals and the most fun part – Jeff playing hide and seek with the irrigation sprinkler heads.  Seems that a few had decided to hibernate under their grass surroundings, but it was easy to spot from the brown areas.  A highlight was watching Jeff play Mr sprinkler head adjuster while they were on, who said he needed a shower?

Today is a little slower pace.  A nice breakfast of some waffles, coffee, and then some chores before we head to the Crannas for lunch.  We also might head to the Kirkland Classic Car in downtown Kirkland, where a host of classic cars are shown every summer. 

A few pics are added here from our last day at Whidbey Island, we found this very cool Lavender Farm, which was just amazing to walk through! 

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