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The Great White North

With Gav officially a "trusted traveller" we made use of his Nexus pass with a late night border crossing last Wednesday. We spent the night with the grandparents in Vancouver and then headed up to Seven Trees (Gibsons, BC). First ferry ride for Big G as well as a first (and possibly last) meal at Molly’s Reach. We tried to explain the Beachcombers to him but I think the subtleties were lost.
El and Rob and the Damm trio joined us on Friday. The cousins had fun on the play mat. Alex is very engaged in what’s around him grabbing at lots of things including Gav’s hand. On Saturday all the males over 6 months did some construction work on the patio off the kitchen.
Jeff had to head off early on Sunday so Grandpere took Gav for a walk with cousin Alex and Uncle Mark. On Sunday evening we all headed back down to Vancouver. Highlights of the week so far – a visit to the baby beluga at the Aquarium, seeing the Berezowskyj girls and their little ones (Mitchell and John), brekkie (warm donuts) at Granville Island, plus lunch with Jen Boon and Johanna Ward.  
We head back down south tomorrow!
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