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Summer may finally have arrived. It is a gorgeous sunny day here. So sunny that on today’s walk we had to get Gav’s sun shade out for his stroller. Halfway through the walk Daph discovered it was actually the mosquito netting cover that also came with the stroller. A necessity in these climes for sure… Anyway, it didn’t completely ward off the sun but no malaria for Gav!

Big G has recently become a bit rubbish at napping and seems to have developed an irrational fear of his crib. Might have something to do with the large zebra looming over it. Anyway, post-walk we tried a nap in his little chair. Seems to have done the trick. For now. Now if we could just get him to sleep through the night and take a bottle…

Ted Rowe, one of Jeff’s fraternity brothers is in town and coming by for dinner (and a few rye n gingers) tonight. Depending on how many will determine the photographic evidence on the blog. Stay tuned…

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